Best Days to Buy

We always give good deals here at Rip Tide, but some days you can save a little *extra* for certain events! Check our social media accounts for more regular updates and sales

Sweetheart Sale

February 13 & 14th
Enjoy 25% off in shop, 20% off online

420 Sale

April 20th (roughly)
This is one of our most epic sales days (sometimes weeks) we have ! Take advantage of our 25-50% off Sale for the Holiday ! We often do hourly giveaways for 4.20 or "first five" door busters

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Christmas in July

The 4th of July is one of FOUR days we are closed throughout the year. To say sorry, we typically do a sale sometime in the first 2 weeks of July !

The Blow Out

Second week of August
If you stop by the shop the day of our glass blowing event, The Blow Out, you'll be able to take advantage of some wonderful sales as well as getting to see our artists demo LIVE ! It's truly one of the best days to come to Rip Tide

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Back to School Sale

First or Second week in September
The kids are off ! Time to reward yourself with some well earned "you time". What better way than our BTS sale ! 25 - 35 % off in shop !

Anniversary Sale

Rip Tide celebrates its birthday every year with you all ! Enjoy 25 - 50% off in store, as well as 20% off online, plus free shipping! We often do fun games, like spin the wheel, as well as LOTS of free giveaways! This and 4.20 are our biggest sales days all year long ! Why pay full price if you don't have to?

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Black Friday

End of November
We, like many others, do sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday ! Black Friday is up to 50% off in shop, accompanied with 35 % off Online plus shipping costs (no free shipping this sale).

12 Daze of Christmas

Starting December 13th we have our 12 Daze sales ! We post up the calendar ahead of time so you can choose which sales day is best for you! We find it fun to make each day different; some days may be blanket sales (on the whole shop) and some days are oddly specific (i.e. buy one bowl get the second for $4.20) Check our social media pages and our website closer to the date for the calendar!

New Years New Glass Sale

December 26th - 30th
Help us clear our shelves! We do NOT want to count everything here, so take advantage of our laziness with 25-50% off in store, with 20% off online PLUS FREE SHIPPING