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The Blow Out

The Artists

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The Blow Out was, and will always be a FREE event. We do this for our community. We want any and everyone to attend and support the artists, regardless of financial status. There are also a limited number of VIP passes. The passes go to support the cost of the event (we pay for all oxygen, propane, shelter, accessories, travel and food for our artists) plus a "swag pack" for each VIP.

The Blow Out

The first of its kind ! A serious event with a funny name; The Blow Out came about in the summer of 2021 and was an epic showing of talent we have in the Maine Glass Industry. We showcased 24 artists, all demonstrating their lamp working skills - at once.



We wanted to bring something fun to the coast in the summer. The Blow Out was, and will forever be hosted right here in my home town!
It's our aim to bring business to Belfast. It's restaurants, hotels, airbnbs - It's our goal to support our fellow small businesses and bring people to our town.