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Rip Tide opened in 2014, before the big surge of legal cannabis in Maine. Destioney knew (at the time) that there was only one solid glass shop in the state @Blazingace. She had worked for two separate smoke shops in college, and knew it could be done in a more professional way.  Rip Tide has always used the phrase, "a deal worth the drive" being that we are the only true smoke shop located within an hour radius of Coastal Belfast, Maine. We later used the term, "Just a burn cruise away" with that same mindset.

Destioney is the founder and creator of Rip Tide. She opened in 2014 and worked 7 days a week to ensure the success of her new business. She graduated the University of Southern Maine in June of 2014 and hit the ground running. In October, Rip Tide was born! Even though this venture was started by Destioney - there are no one person teams. She is supported and encouraged by her amazing team.


Brittany is Destioney's wife (yes fellas that means she is mine and you cannot have this beautiful girl!)  She started dating Destioney in 2017 and has been an amazing addition to our team. Brittany takes on a lot of the roles of a First Lady - including putting up with our crazy family and customer relations. She always puts 100% into all of our events, from the Blow Out to planning our Halloween event. Brittany is a major benefit to our business, and we couldn't do a lot of this without her help.



You don't normally hear of a smoke shop being a "family run" business - but here it is! Every day my mother, Wanda, father, Jon and even my little sister, Mady are asked to help us. From renovations to fixing the driveway, volunteering for event staff, or even just running errands, my family is fully committed to Rip Tide.
When opening I had a tremendous amount of help from a few people who are no longer with us. My aunt Kim, my second mother, was one of the biggest supporters of my business.

The Dogs

Cyrus relaxing

Cy is Destioney's first baby and original shop dog. She is the same age as the shop ! Going on 7 years, Cyrus made our life better starting just a few months after we opened.

River puppy

 Riv is our the most energetic of our crew here. She's our resident greeter, so don't be surprised by her friendly bark, or if she jumps up to give a hug! We are working hard on socializing and manners.

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